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You’re probably wondering what you’ll find here if you haven’t already read something. Basically, I have a few main reasons for putting this here:

  1. New childcare providers often have questions but don’t know who to ask. They may get the bare basics but not be prepared for some of the “curve balls” that are thrown. Hopefully, I can minimize some of the shock.
  2. There are times we’d like to say things to parents that may come across as rude, but parents need to know how things affect relationships, care, and other things they don’t consider.  It may come across as “venting,” but from a caregiver’s standpoint, it is important.
  3. Parents are often not told things they should know regarding caregivers. I have needed to place my children in care, so I can also understand what happens from a parent’s side.
  4. Not every caregiver is a parent or is responsible for parenting on a regular basis, and not all parents know what’s it’s like to be responsible for another life.

I have operated my own in-home daycare for several years now. I know what it’s like to operate as a baby-sitter, work in a nursery facility inside a business, volunteer as a caregiver in a non-profit setting, volunteer in a church nursery, work as a nanny, and operate as an assistant for a large, 24-hour home daycare. Not only have I operated my own business, but I have operated as an unlicensed (within state regulations), registered (similar to licensing), and licensed (military) provider. So I do have some understanding of how to start and maintain my business.

While there is always more to learn, I believe I have enough experiences and knowledge to share with others.  My hope is that I will be able to comfort, warn, advise, encourage, provide resources/ideas, and bring some healing through these pages. Maybe relationships can be strengthened when we can see things through the eyes of others.

Even though this started out as a project geared toward new providers, the need for parents to have their questions answered soon became apparent. Therefore, Daycare Days has a provider edition & a parent edition to address needs specific to them.The print version for providers will be available soon. You do not need to own a Kindle to read this ebook! Just go to Amazon and download their Kindle to your computer or electronic device – here.


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